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The Top 6 Benefits of Obtaining an EPC

House energy rating on a tablet

1. Energy savings - reduce running costs​


An Energy Performance Certificate will provide recommendations to help you improve energy efficiency and thus reduce your energy consumption.


By successfully implementing the recommendations detailed in the EPC, you will not only improve your property's Energy Efficiency Rating, but will guarantee savings in associated running costs.

Please note that the estimated energy costs calculated in the EPC do not include the running costs of appliances such as televisions, computers, washing machines, dishwashers, cookers nor electricity produced by microgeneration (e.g. solar PV panels). Estimated energy costs are an estimate of average total yearly energy, and not specific to how energy is used by the occupants of the property.

2. Potential to increase your house value


The average Energy Efficiency Rating for a dwelling in England and Wales is band D.


Carrying out improvements to increase your property's Energy Efficiency Rating can increase its asking price by an average of 6%. Although, this will vary by region, especially where demand for houses are higher.

3. Comply with legislation

By law, in order to rent a domestic property it must achieve an Energy Efficiency Rating of E or above (as of writing). This also includes holiday lets (with exceptions).


Acquiring a valid EPC meeting this criteria will allow landlords to legally rent domestic accommodation.

If the property in question is not quite up to scratch, then the EPC will provide recommendations, along with a potential Energy Efficiency Rating.

4. Qualify for government schemes

Homeowners have been able to recuperate their investment in renewable technology by benefiting from the UK government schemes, such as the Feed-in Tariff. This is linked with the Energy Efficiency Rating of the EPC, as homeowners have had to show that their property achieves a rating of D or above.

The government have also ran schemes, such as the Green Homes Grant in order to help make energy efficient improvements to homes via a voucher.


Please visit the UK government website for the latest information on such offerings.

5. Reduce maintenance levels and maintenance costs

Investing in the appropriate energy-saving measures will lower the complexity and costs of maintaining aged or otherwise insufficient property features or technologies. For example, an old boiler may require regular servicing and can be difficult to fix, not to mention is typically less efficient and costs more to run when compared to modern, high-efficiency boilers. The EPC highlights areas such as this that could benefit from improvement, thus reducing maintenance.

6. Social and environmental benefits

With the current emphasis on environmental issues and price increases of gas and electricity bills, having a "greener" property is now more beneficial than ever. Having energy efficient property is the best option for all property owners, investors or landlords, as it will improve your reputation and attract more potential buyers and/or tenants, while helping to reduce the impact on the environment, thus potentially helping to reduce the price of gas and electricity bills in the future.

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