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Commercial EPC

Commercial Building

What is a Commercial EPC?


A 'Commercial' or Non-Domestic Energy Performance Certificate is a certificate that sets out an energy rating for a non-domestic building and contains recommendations on measures for energy efficiency improvement.


Commercial EPCs are rated from A+ (most energy efficient) to G (least energy efficient).

When is a Commercial EPC Required?

Similar to Domestic EPCs, a Commercial EPC is required when a building is sold, rented or built (with some exceptions).


A Commercial EPC may also be required when a building is altered in certain ways.

What Rating Must a Non-Domestic Building Achieve to be Rented?


Under the current regulations, a rating of E or higher must be achieved.


To note, from April 2023, this requirement will be extended to existing rentals.

What are the Future Requirements for Non-Domestic Buildings?


As of writing, the Government are reviewing proposals to increase the minimum threshold to a rating of B by 2030.

It is proposed that a phased approach will be undertaken.

  • April 2025: Landlords must obtain a valid EPC; then follows a 2 year window for compliance.

  • April 2027: Landlords must obtain another EPC (unless the existing EPC is a rating of C or above) to demonstrate that the building has been improved to a rating of C (or above) or have achieved the best available rating in accordance with a reasonable view as to cost.

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