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The Visit

Residential Homes

What Should I Know Before the Visit?


It is important to note that the assessor will require access to all areas of the property (excluding unheated garages and thermally/physically-separated buildings) to conduct an accurate assessment. This means: all rooms, bathrooms, extensions, gardens and side alleyways. So kindly ensure they are easily accessible in order for the assessor to carry out a thorough and timely assessment.

Loft access will also be required in order to carry out a head and shoulders inspection to produce an accurate EPC. The assessor will usually ask about loft access and whether there are loft ladders installed. If loft ladders are not present, then the assessor will use their own set of ladders. It is at the discretion of the assessor as to whether they deem access to the loft as safe and manageable. If the assessor does not think it is safe, then assumed values for the roof void will be used in the EPC.

The assessor will also need to see gas and electricity meters. As well as boilers, hot water cylinders, underfloor heating manifolds or other heating technologies at the property if applicable.

What Happens During the Visit?


During the visit, the assessor will create a basic floor plan in order to identify rooms, take measurements and make notes. When taking measurements, the assessor will likely use a laser distance meter. For safety purposes, please avoid from looking into the end of this tool.


The assessor will then fill out data into the software and take photographs of various elements throughout. Photographs are a necessary part of the EPC and they are used for evidence and auditing purposes only and are shared with the accreditation body only.

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